Steele Pressure Washer Reviews: Review of the 1800 PSI Electric Washer

January 23, 2014

One product that we always wanted to try comes from Steele Products.  Doing a Steele pressure washer review is something that we did not try ourselves, but have had the chance to speak with a friend that has tried out their products.  Here is what he has to say about the the Steele Products line of  pressure washers.

Steele 1800 PSI (electric-cold water) pressure washer- The Steele 1800 PSI pressure washer can be used to clean cars, boats, RVs, grills, decks, patios, and other outdoor house hold items.steele pressure washer reviews


  • Powerful- The Steele products pressure washer is powered by a 13 amp electric motor and is more powerful than other pressure washers that retail around this price point.
  • Affordable- You can find this pressure washer online or in stores for $200 or less.  If you had to hire a professional to come wash your patio or deck, you could easily pay up to $75 per cleaning.

Overall opinion:  This is a good pressure for someone who wants to clean basic household items and their backyard.  It has its limitations and does not have the capability to clean your entire house or gutters.  But it is a descent option for someone who wants a basic pressure washer.

Steele Products WE-200 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer- The Steele 2000 is a little more powerful and dynamic than the Steele 1800.


  • Dynamic- The WE-200 has the capability to perform on a wide variety of projects.
  • Value- This pressure washer is definitely worth the price tag.  Having the pressure washer allows you to clean your backyard and vehicles on your own.  You’ll never have to pay for the car wash again.


  • Weight- Some people might find this pressure washer is difficult to carry around.

Overall opinion: If you are looking for a powerful pressure washer that has the ability to perform on a wide range of products, this is a pretty good pick.  It is heavy to carry around but can save you a fortune in cleaning fees and services.

Steele 3400 PSI (gas-cold water) pressure washer- Unlike the pressure washers which were discussed previously, the Steele 3400 is powered by gas.  This allows you to clean like a professional without hiring outside help.


Clean like a professional- Cleaning with a gas powered pressure washer allows you to clean like a professional.  Whether you are someone who is starting their own business or you just want to clean up your backyard, this pressure washer can be used for hours on end.

No over-heating- One of the best things about this Steele products pressure heater is that it has an automatic shut off.  This prevents you pressure washer from overheating and being destroyed.

Powerful- There is no question that this pressure washer is powerful.  Whether you need to clean off some gutter or graffiti off of a Masonry wall- this pressure washer can probably do the trick.

Up to three hours- You can use this pressure washer for almost three hours before you have to refuel.  This is great news for professionals who are working on a job site.  Taking the time out of your work day to refuel is a waste of your time and energy.


Cost- Compared to other pressure washers, this one is a little more expensive.  The price is worth it if you are looking for a professional grade washer.  The Steele pressure washer review in general has a cost that is similar to other washers on this site.

Weight- Like other professional grade level pressure washers, the Steele 3400 is heavy.

Overall opinion: Given the fact that this pressure washer is meant for professional use, it is not meant for everyone.  If you are planning on using your pressure washer for less than 100 hours per year, you can probably go with a more affordable option.

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